1. This is history
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    I was there for the Saturday gig. 25 years...and we complain about U2 taking their time to get to release their concert films!

    But I guess many fans would appreciate 1989 Dublin show video
  3. Miming apparently.

  4. I don’t think releasing a 25 year old show is more progressive than u2 not having released a 4 year old show yet with plans to probably release it in the next year or so. In fact with the regular tour DVD’s and fan club sets you would have to come to the conclusion that u2 are far more progressive.
  5. Holiday 2018 (delayed due to wanting a Cinema release).
    Summer 2019 (delayed due to JT19 happening.. or did it? ).
    Summer 2020 (delayed due to Covid and Cinemas closing).
    Now expected for a Spring 2022 Cinema release.
  6. Noel And Liam Gallagher In The Same Building Tonight For The First Time In 15 Years .....