1. Guys, you should see this. One of the best and weirdest music documentaries I've ever seen :)
  2. LOVE The National, I don't think there's a song on Alligator, Boxer, High Violet or Trouble Will Find Me that I don't like. That's just how good they are
  3. Me too! Beautiful songs. Love the guy's voice.
  4. That movie was amazing. Really got to me, as I have a great relationship with my brother and it made me think.

    I love The National.
  5. New album has leaked...sounds very good to me.
  6. matt berninger and co, good album , sometimes little little boring.
    Best 10 new albums now, IMO:
    tori amos
    steven wilson
    queen of the stone age
    war on drugs
    manchester orchestra
    ani di franco
    john murry
    lcd soundsystem
  7. New album out, I'm a big fan. It's a pity they are absolutely shit live.
  8. Huge fan, loving the new album....and I think they have a great live show!
  9. If you haven't watched the short film accompaniment yet, you should. I recommend this to all, fan or not!