1. New Foo Fighters album, new U2 album, new RHCP album, new Killers album (?)

    Looks like a great year for music imo
  2. I've tried to get into the FF a few times but no success. Any Best Of or specific song recommendations, anyone?

  3. Start here, mainstream greats (I really hope you find the light with these guys...personal favorites bolded)

    1. Times Like These
    2. Learn to Fly
    3. Best of You
    4. Big Me
    5. The Pretender
    6. Wheels
    7. DOA
    8. Everlong (probably their best, cliched but true)
    9. Let it Die
    10. My Hero

    11. Monkey Wrench
    12. In Your Honor (They open an album with this....and it just f_cking ROCKS.)

  4. I know how to play Everlong on guitar, I learnt it because a friend of mine wanted to record a version and wanted me to play guitar. I never got into the song that much, but I quite liked it. Thanks for the heads-up Matt, I'll give a listen to that songs and report back
  5. Best mash up of 2 songs ever

  6. Amazing video!

    And in my opinion, FF is a very inderated band...They're awesome and if you look for "Rock" in a dictionary, you'll see a picture of D. Grohl there...

    Learn To Fly is my fav, but they have so many great songs....
  7. Really like the style they're recording it in, all analogue stuff. No computers allowed. Should be epic if they get it right
  8. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. New song, I dont really like it
  10. Whoaa....COOL!