1. Security didn't even see if he was ok? ?
  2. There was this huge soft mat where he fell, there was no risk whatsoever. Brilliant stunt.
  3. Looks like Taylor snippeted Sunday Bloody Sunday in his drum solo slot at MSG
  4. yea he did, the crowd cheered for it too
  5. The Foo Fighters have had to reschedule two shows on the Canadian leg of the "Concrete and Gold" tour after frontman Dave Grohl lost his voice.

    "After opening this leg of the tour September 1 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Dave Grohl suffered a loss of voice and is now on vocal rest," the group posted on its official Facebook page. ";That's the last time I ever make out with Bono,' Grohl commented."

    Dave Grohl has lost his voice too
  6. I don't like the Foo Fighters but this is really awesome!
  7. Taylor's been doing the Sunday bloody Sunday snippet in his drum solos for a year or two now. They also briefly snippeted streets in Dublin