1. Yeah crazy mate. Saw them on the back on the 2nd album 2006 or 7 whenever that was and they were great live to be fair.
  2. 45€ to see them in St Valentine's here in Madrid... I want to go but I can't push myself to spend 90€, or even worse, go alone and obtain a nasty argument with the missus
  3. I’m going to see them at the Hydro in Glasgow in January and don’t mind paying £60, I think that’s what we can expect to pay now for most of the established artists, I’m sure there will be exceptions but I think that’s just the going rate. Got tickets for the Foo Fighters at bellahouston as well and it was a similar price, I think just over £65 a ticket. I think I’m happy enough with that, not cheap but not ridiculous, I wouldn’t go much higher though maybe £80 at a push for a band I really wanted to see with the exception of u2 where I’d probably spend a lot more.
  4. My gripe is that these prices are 100% higher than the last tour I saw them on with no real justification for it.

    I love them to bits but within £20 of a U2 GA? I’ll keep an eye within the local classifieds for any going cheap though.
  5. Yeah it makes sense why doubling the price would put people off buying a ticket, I just think it’s one of these things that’s getting more expensive and it’s either a case of accepting it or missing out, or doing what you’re going to do and see if a cheaper ticket turns up nearer the show. There’s no way the average price of tickets is going to start going down so I think it becomes a case of people adjusting what they think is fair. £20 less than a u2 GA when put that way doesn’t seem much value for money, especially with the type of show u2 put on but that is a significant percentage difference. I hope you do manage to find something though, perhaps the second hand market is going to be the only way to go to avoid such high prices in the future.
  6. Prices for the germany gigs dropped last week. They offered 3 tickets for the price of 2 and tickets were priced €20 less.

    I choose to go see snow patrol instead of 2 u2 gigs.
  7. i have 2 tickets for Belfast saturday 8-12-face value ,i will also go there,.ITS GA and hardcopy tickets
  8. Gary has got his voice back. This is a lovely set.

  9. Dear Lord, that's pretty much my perfect setlist. How to Be Dead, Set the Fire to the Third Bar, The Lightning Strike (!!!)... Wow. I agree that they should take out some of Eyes Open and make room for some more Wildness, but it's still a great setlist. I hope many of these gems stick around by mid February
  10. How to e Dead is a great addition. It’s amazing g how little that has been played over the years. I’ll pick up a ticket for the May outdoor show and make a day of it. Foy Vance is second on the bill. Another Bangor man and an immense talent.