1. I went to a few Elevation shows, all ok... remember leaving the arena during WOWY on one show to have a cigarette (those were the days) as couldn’t smoke in the actual concert. 2 notable shows I went to was the only show without Walk On and the show on the day of Bob Hewson’s death.
  2. I try the odd bootleg occasionally but always find these shows a bit flat. The tour will always be special to me because I played Slane and Boston on DVD flat out during my U2 infancy.
  3. Originally posted by zooropa93:Turin was outdoor too. Just looking back I don’t regard it as a great tour, same as Vertigo. Whereas Zoo, Pop, 360 and IE are all up there in my opinion.

    As much as I listen to the Pop tour, it just doesn’t do it for me. 360 was good because of the different songs they played, opening with Achtung Baby, new songs likes Mercy. I&E was fun as well with the sort of different playlists.
    I guess I’m favored towards Zoo Tv since those were my first concert experiences. I was out to sea for Pop tour in the Navy so missed a lot during those times. Got back into it during elevation and started doing concerts again during Vertigo.
  4. Originally posted by deanallison:[..]
    Are you sure about that? According to Wikipedia Bryan Adams only played 4 shows in 1990 and two of them are listed as festival shows. The others may well have been festival type shows too. There’s no other evidence of anyone having a b stage prior to zoo tv.

    I'm not sure about the actual year, but it was prior to Zoo TV starting, it would have been the Waking Up the Neighbors tour which I think began in 1991 and went through 1992 also. I don't think he had a ramp though. He would walk through the crowd to a B stage set up in front of the sound desk and perform there. Like I said, I don't even think Bryan was the originator of the idea, but he employed the concept at least a couple of months prior to U2 using a similiar concept on Zoo TV.

    On topic, I enjoyed Elevation, I think I saw 9 shows. Chicago 3 (w 11'Clock and Out Of Control) was one of the best U2 shows I have seen. South Bend was an honorable mention just due to the setlist change up.

    Otherwise I preferred the Vertigo tour. It was Elevation improved to me.

    Zoo TV was great, but I think it has developed mythical levels of greatness. I actually thought Popmart was a better overall tour. Like Elevation to Vertigo, it was Zoo TV improved to me.

  5. My favorite bootleg at this moment is this cleaned-up "remaster" from the 2001-04-20 San Jose show. It's a superb audience recording known as "The Last Of The Rock Stars" and it has become even better (I think) by de-clapping & removing near-by screamers with the iZotope RX 05

    This one is close to be the perfect audience recording. Just couldn't keep it from myself...


    PS: I've included several additional edits so that one can choose to hear show with, or
    without edits - personally I don't care much for a 3 minute encore break, but some just might.

    Info file under the spoiler tag:
    Spoiler (click to toggle)
    San Jose Arena
    San Jose, CA
    April 20, 2001


    BIGGIRL remaster

    TAPER*: S.G.
    Location*: dead center floor halfway between tip of heart
    and mixing desk.

    SOURCE*^: Schoeps MK4s > Rmod2k1 box > SBM-1 > SONY TCD D8 >
    LINEAGE^: [DAT master] > Panasonic SV3800 > Soundforge > CDM
    > secure EAC > mkw > SHNv3 > .shn > TLH > .wav >
    [REMASTER] iZotope RX05: De-click + Spectral Repair (manual
    approach) + Corrective EQ > PristineSounds (final eq + edit
    & track split) > Frontend FLAC (8) > .flac

    * information retrieved from AchtungBootlegs.com
    ^ information retrieved from u2depot.com


    02-Beautiful Day
    03-Until The End Of The World
    04-New Year's Day
    06-New York
    07-I Will Follow
    08-Sunday Bloody Sunday
    09-Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
    10-[Band introductions]
    11-In A Little While
    12-Angel Of Harlem
    13-Stay (Faraway, So Close)
    14-All I Want Is You
    15-Where The Streets Have No Name
    16-Mysterious Ways
    17-The Fly
    18-[encore break]
    19-[BTBS intro feat Charlton Heston]
    20-Bullet the Blue Sky
    21-With Or Without You
    22-Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    23-[encore break]
    24-[Bono talk]
    26-Walk On

    NB: edits of tracks 9 & 10 are included to fit CD format;
    edits of tracks 17, 19 (18) & 23 are included for personal
    preferences (i.e. one can choose to hear show with, or
    without edits - personally I don't care much for a 3 minute
    encore break). PLEASE note that omitting track 18 gives
    a different track order (e.g. track 19 becomes track 18,
    track 20 becomes track 19, etc.)

    #ORIGINAL NOTES (from justinscdrtrading.com):
    "The sound quality on this bootleg is so good that it has been
    mistaken for an ALD recording. Although there is an ALD recording
    of this concert tied up in rare trade circles, this is not it.
    However, the sound on this bootleg is so exceptional that more than
    one collector has told me that they think it is better than
    "Rock's Hottest Ticket". The recording is crystal clear and audience
    noise is relegated entirely to the background and only adds to the
    overall feel of the recording."

    UPDATED info file 2018 (BIGGIRL for u2start)
  6. lol the cover art...
  7. thnx sounds great
  8. Original BTBS sample:

  9. 29 years ago today. miryclay's first u2 gig
  10. I still think that the Elevation tour and era is their best.