1. I love the album, it's nothing like Magic, but it's still great!
  2. great album ....
  3. I think it is his second best. Magic is no. 1
  4. I haven't heard it ina month, what does hat say about the album

  5. Nebraska, Born to Run, Born in the USA, The River, are all better than Magic

  6. I sure did, but I think Magic is still no. 1. Songs like "Radio Nowhere, Girls...., Long Walk Home, Gypsy Biker, Your Own Worst Enemy, Last To Die, Devil's Arcade and Magic" are all great and that's almost the whole album

  7. Not in my opinion. The only album that can come near "Magic" was "Tunnel Of Love"
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  9. I remember the first time I heard the Born In The USA album.

    I had just got a vinyl player for my 15th birthday, and my dad gave me all his old records. I remember one night I was looking through them and saw the cover of BITUSA and listened. nothing has given me that feeling since.

    everything about it, the anthemicness of it, the emotion, the brilliance of the lyrics. still his best album, in my opinion, although The River and Darkness come close.
  10. Working on a dream is OK. I think The Wrestler is one of his finest tunes.
    As for his best album, gotta be Born To Run or Nebraska.