1. It sucks that we only have a copy of Hot Tub Time Machine at the moment, on DVD.
  2. Even this got a blu ray release.

    I'm looking at you Berlin..

  3. This would literally be the first thing I would do if I had a time machine (for entertainment. I'd do some other things first, like stop 9/11, and warn everybody about COVID about a year ago). My first U2 show was Popmart when I was 15, so I was too young for Zoo. In about 1995 my Mom bought me the Zoo TV Sydney VHS, and I swear I watched that over 100 times. It's what really got me into U2, made me want to learn to play guitar, etc.
  4. Sure people warned of covid last year but they were dismissed as whackos particularly by Donald Trump

  5. I left the show feeling underwhelmed. Lots of new songs from AB + Zooropa that weren't familiar and a few too many covers. Came to appreciate it but that was honestly my reaction.
  6. There is only one way to unlock the power of a time machine. SJKamal has to make cover art copy of Hot Tube Time Machine so convincing to the naked eye that even Entertainment executives think it is the real thing.

    Then, we have to find a way to distribute it to as many people as possible with or without their consent. If we reach 1 billion copies, a time machine will appear. Then, you can go to your ZooTV show.
  7. .......
  8. I have recently realised that this album gets better and better with every listen. It matures like a fine wine. Every listen brings a whole new perspective. Until the End of the World and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, in particular, at the moment.