1. The writer loses all credibility when he says HMTMKMKM is bland! 🤦
  2. Released on this day 30 years ago
  3. my favorite U2 song, I still haven't forgotten when I first heard this song, edge blew my mind
  4. Probably the U2 song that mostly screams early nineties the most yet somehow still sounds fresh and modern all these years later. Tweaked for each tour it has featured so that it still sounded up to date but still fundamentally the same as it was on release.

    Fascinating tune.
  5. I'm starting to not believe that AB30 is happening.
  6. Going to be the most disappointing, underwhelming anniversary ever if the more recent rumours are anything to go by. The digital experience just doesn’t sound like my thing unless there’s going to be previously unseen full live song performances but it doesn’t read like that’s going to be the case and the limited vinyl release, I will end up buying but a coloured vinyl of songs we already have and digital experience to celebrate the 30th anniversary of what is most u2 fans favourite album (not talking wider public, just look at fan page polls AB always wins) is just so underwhelming. Especially when it’s big fans that are the real target audience with anniversary stuff and especially compared to JT which for the 20th anniversary got paris on dvd, for the 30th got MSG and a worldwide tour. I can only hope the fanclub have a zoo tv show on offer for next year. That would make up for things to an extent.