1. Good!
  2. Anyone from the UK receive their AB30 merch yet?
  3. This is going to be a big ask, but has anyone got the first broadcast of The Fly on BBC Radio 1 from September/October 1991? I saw someone on Facebook (can't remember where) say they still have the tape from when it was first played on BBC Radio 1 and I'm really intrigued to hear it. Don't ask why, it's probably just getting a buzz off something that was a massive evolution at the time for U2.
  4. A couple of friends have. Mine shipped from the UK store but haven’t arrived yet.
  5. Are you based in Europe by any chance? If so was there any custom charges added?
  6. Originally posted by u2wanderer1:[..]

    Realize that some people chase after remixes like some people chase after live stuff. This is a big crazy community. We all have our favorites and niches. And yes, I'm in the camp that would prefer a disc of new remixes to some 30 year old live show I probably have had on the harddrive for 20 years and don't listen to now.


    While I'm sure some do chase remixes, I have never met such a person in real life or at the shows I have been to. I have been asked by strangers to get them live material multiple times. I just think in general, U2 is not much of a remix band save for the 1991-1997 era. Now Depeche Mode, I would feel different, even though I am just a casual fan. Same with Duran Duran, as I am a almost huge fan, have all their albums, and like their remixes much more than U2. Now with Prince, I love a few remixes, but more so the extended versions that were not really remixes. I have met tons of Prince fans who chase remixes and live versions. But oh well, I'd rather have demos or alternate mixes for U2 songs. Kind of like we got with No Line On The Horizon, though I honestly prefer the album version. Stinks that both versions of Winter are not available on CD or FLAC, and neither is Soon. A travesty that I can get 25 remixes of Even Better, but can't get those tracks lol.
  7. No, based on Canada. No customs charges added because they do them on this end…
  8. it would be crazy honestly