1. I watched the Lakeland Zoo TV Show last night. What an epic show filled with Rock history. If I had a time machine I always wanted to be at the Lakeland Zoo TV show. It's interesting how much the show changed from then to August 25 1992 where I saw Zoo TV Outside Broadcast. Thank you so much @MountTemple!
  2. I would donate a part of my body to see Bono disguised as a mirrorball man acting like he did in desire
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    I was at Miami and Tampa as well. I remember Andrew had just came and was worried it would get cancelled. Such a great time to be a u2 fan.

    I tried to get tickets and failed. I had just perfected my system of getting into shows at low cost, but was nervous with this being their first show in the USA in over 4 years. I ended up in Miami for the Outside show just after Hurricane Andrew in Oct 1992. I was tempted to go to Tampa, but I did not start seeing multiple shows until 360. I was too busy seeing multiple Prince shows. In hindsight I wish I had gone to more Zoo and Pop shows, but it was still fun getting the Lakeland and Miami bootlegs back then.
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    A timeline that doesn't mention the night they broadcast ZooTV live from Sydney and used the vision for future VHS, DVD and fan club releases. Yeah, it was just another ho-hum night; nothing different from any other. .
    Thought they might mention the Dublin concert, as well.
  5. Achtung Baby re-enters the UK album chart at number 34.