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    I think they could easily fit in a tour next year if they wanted to but I don’t think they will want to. I think 2023 is more realistic.
    Maybe. But there's still so much uncertainty because of the pandemic. Winters are hard. New variants will keep emerging. I may be too pessimistic, and I hope I am. But my guess is that touring plans will be difficult for n years, when it's not open air Summer gigs.

  2. The 30th anniversary edition arrived today and sits alongside the original release CD and super deluxe 20th anniversary edition.
  3. Nice setup
  4. It is like you are going to A/B AB with that setup!
  5. Looking for AB 30 LP number 35 and 36.
    Got 38 spare x 2.

  6. here's my hifii set up where I listen to U2 and other great bands
  7. Best quality we’ve seen Sydney in yet?
  8. Might have to watch that at the weekend before it inevitably vanishes.