1. Originally posted by Risto:About the bitrate, it seems a bit low. I used the V2 preset which should provide a VBR MP3 with a bitrate between 160-210 Kbps. But these files have a lower bitrate. This might be a bug in LAME encoder or with the quality of the lossless files. However I will try to recode them tomorrow


    I don't know but i really hope so

    192 is the perfect bitrate here, in filesize and quality
  2. Originally posted by Risto:Ok I recoded the FLAC files to 192Kbps mp3 files. Tagged, cover inside and ReplayGain ready. Last track is Wake Up Dead Man (from the night before) instead of Unchained Melody. Fixed that also.

    I have to go now, the upload is still running.


    They should be ready in an hour from now. I will replace the links in the main post tonight.


    Give me a sign when the upload is complete, I will replace it on the bootleg page.
  3. Upload is finished
  4. Thank a lot, Risto
  5. No problem, its easy work. I just download them from U2Torrents.com and transcode & upload them

    Uploading now is a 2001-6-12 Philly IEM-IEM-AUD matrix ('2001-6-12 Philly Matrix' on U2Torrents). Its a matrix of 2 IEM sources (Edge&Bono) and an audience source. It sounds pretty good

    Will be done in an hour

  6. Does Leeds really need an improvement?

  7. I guess anything can be improved, huh? ^^

    It's really good as it is now though. We should probably focus on worse sounding recordings with awesome performances before improving it.

    Speaking of surfacing, what REALLY should surface are the missing songs from Dortmund (Conspiracy of hope tour), and Pontiac, Michigan ("Eye of the fly" - Zoo TV tour). That would be sweet! We need better high quality "A sort of homecoming" and "The unforgettable fire" versions!
  8. If someone could re-up this, that would be great.