1. No word yet on if they'll continue DM. Fingers crossed
  2. 4 years ago today I saw them!

    Hopefully one more tour...

  3. They're back in the studio.

  4. The well-informed, in fact, also give for sure Depeche Mode at the Meazza in 2023. A welcome return, even in the case of the band of David Gahan and Martin Lee Gore, now without Andy Fletcher, who passed away on May 26th. Yes, because Depeche Mode have already performed three times in the Scala del calcio: 2009, 2013 and 2017. Finally, in the summer of 2023, the concerts of Tiziano Ferro are already scheduled at the Meazza (15, 17 and 18 June) and of Ultimo (July 17).

    Rumour in Italian media
  5. 4th October is a date rumoured for a press conference in Berlin. Rome/Milan shows already rumoured. Stadio Olimpico was discussed by the stadium's general manager so...

  6. Hell yeah!

    Will go to many shows this tour.