1. I saw them 10 times since 2001 and it was always great. Dave certainly is one of the best frontmen, though he lacks the warm approach to fans that for instance Bono has. He is a 100 professional and he always delivers (at least when I saw DM).

    From the recorded shows the one from Paris in 2001 is the one I would really not recommend. There is something wrong with Dave's voice and he rather screams than sings through the whole show. (I saw them in Copenhagen in 2001 and he sang very differently. Though he also uses this strange rough vioce on his solo tour DVD, which I olny saw once and didn't like it).

    The Playing the Angel tour in 2006 was my favourite one - they had a great album and the tour was great with a lot of great new songs. The DVD from that tour (from Milan) is unfortunately arguably the worst DVD I have ever seen because of the worst possible editting. Absolutely unwatchable. Unfortunately, because the sound without the picture is absolutely amazing.

    I have really enjoyed their last DVD from Waldbuhne in Berlin from 2018. Barcelona 2009 and Berlin 2013 are also very good.
  2. Got my tickets for the Amsterdam show in the pocket
  3. Got tickets to 3 shows so far. London, Berlin 1 + 2. Berlin is going to be awesome.

    Might try for Amsterdam tomorrow since it's an arena.
  4. I also got a ticket :-) I am looking forward to my 11th show

  5. Lots of discussion about the scandalous ticket prices in North America. $150 for limited-view nosebleed seats. Then there seats on the floor, the majority are "Platinum" or "VIP".
  6. Gotta get that MONEY
  7. In 1990, DM played 39 shows in the USA. For $7,666.30 you could have had front row seats for all 39 shows, and another 61 shows for less than that. This is insane. I am only a casual DM fan. Would rather see Duran Duran, even though their recent Future Past is really their only excellent album in ages. If I could go back to 1987 and see U2 with Prince, Michael Jackson, Tears For Fears, along with Stevie Wonder for a 20 day festival over and over again, I might give $2000 in today's money to enter that time machine. Sad what entertainment has become. I don't care how great Gore's voice may sound or not. That price is insane.
  8. Saw them in Vienna Stadthalle in 2013 . To this day the most pleasant surprise live act I ever saw. As good as any rock band, and Dave is one of the best frontmen. Go see them if you have the chance.

    Might they consider getting Alan Wilder back due to circumstances with Fletch ?