1. Adam couldn't even wait to head for the exit.
  2. Awful, I nearly disowned them after 20 years. Elvis's dead brother or some crap like that... saying that when it kicked in at the Nou Camp I was going crazy.
  3. The rocker debuted his new idea at the Grammy Awards and admits he liked his new look. He says, "I thought I looked very sexy in eye make-up." But Bono insists he isn't finished working on the character: "I was calling him Elvis' dead brother, Jesse, which maybe is in poor taste. It's still in development! I started just messing with it a few weeks ago."

    Cringe. Thankfully it went no further. Imagine if that had been a part of 360.
  4. Not even pretending he's interested in the photo lol.
  5. Originally posted by pleasegone:I can't believe I'm saying this but glad to see nothing played from "Songs Of Boredom." Now the acoustic Wave, and Crystal Ballroom, Lucifer's Hands...would be different, but no way they would touch those at this point at a stadium show. Ok, that was a bit harsh, but SOI is my least favorite U2 album. But I loved most of No Pizza On The Horizon, and everything else. Though October and SOI are not really bad albums to me, just far below any of the others. I am already guilty of the "Songs of Boredom" crack, but after waiting all that time, and with the Apple guy calling The Miracle this awesome single, it just was kind of a Spinal Tap moment for a band I love so much.
    Oh, this is the Boots Topic lol. Well, I really loved it at first. I thought it had a bit too much in common with Vertigo, but was really suffering from not having a new U2 album. By the time I got to the 2011 shows I did not want to hear it live anymore. Looking back, I still think Magnificent was by far the better single choice. And I still think "I'll Go Crazy" was a weak cousin of "Walk On" that became an even weaker attempt at being a Pop outtake. They may as well have played Discotehqueh, which I still can't spell, but is a much better song than Crazy, and it would have shown that the band recognized Pop as an actual album instead of some hangover they want to forget.
    What drives me crazy is if they really hate and despise Pop so much, why take a knock off of Walk On, which is like a B- or C+ song, and remix it to sound like a F+ or D- bad Pop outtake. At least Boots sounded like a proper song. I don't think I had picked on I'll Go Crazy in over a year, so I was due for blasting it.
  6. SOI is Such a great album. In my u2 top 5. Did you listen only once to SOI?
  7. Same, also in my top 5, really good album.
  8. Pop

    Love it... NLOTH is down there with Bomb and Oct.
  9. I don't understand, I've listened over and over and I've just never managed to find U2's bad albums?
  10. They're called All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000) and How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)