1. Surely you meant The Mackerel of John Dory.

    Let the fish puns commence!
  2. Glad someone got the idea !

    Time to put some sole back into this thread...
  3. The Beach Boys - Cod Only Knowd
  4. U2 - Angel of Halibut
  5. Why do you think Boots is better than The Miracle?
  6. It's all IMHO...didn't like it as a song or an opener...too stop-starty.... But each to their own.

    Like Bono said, Boots was a little shot of adrenaline.
  7. I think The Miracle could do without the Oh oh oh oh intro. Boots is straight into it.
  8. Agree....and Boots had got a great wee guitar riff
  9. I have listened to it about 100 times, which is less than most of the others. I made my own version of it that eliminates the "Pandering To Young People" version of EB Wave, and puts the acoustic one in, adds Crystal Ballroom and Lucifer's Hands. I won't mention what songs I cut, as I need to mention that this still somehow relates to Boots, as at least it had some unique guitar, as the majority of SOI just seemed like rehashes of other sounds we have heard before. Not like I expected U2 to come up with anything new or groundbreaking. Still, Boots would have actually fit on SOI.

  10. But WHAT IF they actually played it tonight in Los Angeles? That would blow our minds.
  11. Hey, the seed has been planted in Larry's head.
  12. Spoiler (click to toggle)
    I can't believe they didn't play it tonight, after all that