1. So I finished watching all of U2's music videos today, and I was wondering what everyone's favorite u2 video is. Mine is a tie between one-anton corbijn version and numb.
  2. Definatiley The sexy With or Without You.
  3. Windows in the Skies ----- the flying pics version
  4. pitty I can watch almost none of them....
  5. Defintely Where The Streets Have No Name !!
  6. Stay or Streets
  7. Hands down The Fly
  8. Window in the Skies
    Stuck In A Moment (football game version)

    U2 typically make really good music videos. I especially like when they just do a live take for the video (UTEOTW, Gone, COBL)
  9. Angel of harlem is the worst, its so damn slow
  10. BD, Electrical Storm, Stay, Numb, Lemon, OOTS...all very cool.
    Please and SATS are awesome too
  11. I love WGRYWH and Lemon