1. COBL live sounds much better than SBS, Pride, NYD, ISHFWILF

    BD, Vertigo, Elevation, One it's always great to hear live (who follow the band through the tours maybe will disagree), but, me as a south american fan, this songs still sounds cool, BD is one that surprised me with a great perfomance in TJT2017

  2. Premiering tomorrow
  3. And the other version is already upgraded.

  4. Such a great often overlooked song. I’d love them to bring it back into the live set.
  5. Du da Duda Duda duda duda duda du da.

    I can’t get past that with OOTS.
  6. For me, this part leads into one of the best crescendo's of their catalog.

  7. Vertigo is finally done
  8. +1 . The du-du, du-du part is not good but the crescendo, the under controooooool and BOOM back into the chorus is fucking awesome.
  9. iPod version?
  10. Window in the Skies - standard version

    Window in the Skies - modernista version

    There's almost no difference between the two.