1. It didn't come out as clean as the others.
  2. At times you can see the 4k, whatever, at least we have the official video
  3. I hope they do every video. This remaster offers a new perspective. The video is actually quite grim, isn't it? It's a great project for someone but I don't think it will be completed. U2songs has an excellent list of U2's video history as a reference.
  4. Shake! Shake!

  5. Sweet. They are doing things chronologically!
  6. So are they adding Adobe After Effects in post in 2020?

  7. I wish the donkeys running their social media would get it right....they keep announcing these as 4K remasters when they are far from that

  8. There is only so much you can do with a 40 year old video.
  9. Agreed but up on twitter they are saying it's 4k instead of "just" hd.....not the first time