1. now, One Remastered
  2. Sorry if you keep seeing it in 480p, a moment ago I saw that the 1080p option came out and the video did not reload me so I assumed it would be already remastered, it was something strange XD
  3. I'm having trouble watching their music videos. They don't play and just say 'this video is not available'. Anyone else having the same issue?
  4. Maybe we will get an upload like last year for Bono''s birthday.
  5. I hope they didn't mess with the original but I have a feeling they did.

    Let's hope they clear up the focus in the first 0:50 seconds. I remember it looked awful.
  6. Someone else noticed that they changed the miniature of the version of the bar? it will be seen in 4k
  7. Yes, soon then.

  8. I hope they do Anton's video in 4K too.
  9. .........
  10. I’m sure they won’t, but I hope they do the live video of Until the End of The World that was on the Best of 1990-2000 vhs & dvd