1. Some folks were gonna leak tonight if the album didn't leak, some good news for those people because here it is: No Line On The Horizon. U2's 12th studio album! This thread discusses something about the new album, we take this opportunity to point you one more time to our house rules. If you violate them, our crew will take action immediately, so take the time to review them.

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  2. Not too sure how to rate this one, this one needs further attention, not the albums greatest moment. but good all the same.
  3. Probably one of the more commercial songs on the album yet probably one of the weakest as well, one of those songs that will get played on the tour and only come back after that from time to time, like Angel Of Harlem has.

    If i listen to this track to many times on it's own, id probably get sick of it.
  4. Yep. It is the worst song from the album... I hope they won't play it live...
  5. I do not agree. Its not that bad But it certainly is not the best though
  6. This song I like the least. Not saying it's bad, though
  7. Baby, baby, baby...Light my way?

    They'll bring back Ultraviolet, I'm sure..

  8. Not bad, not bad. Probably the least song, but better than Bomb's worst.
  9. If I ever composed a song, it would be better than One Step Closer

    I like the song, it's not my favoritie of course, but it's good. The chorus, Bono+Edge, is fantastic

  10. Agree... I didn't say it is bad... but not as good as fit on this brilliant album.
  11. I think it's really good. I think it also has the potential to be reworked into a cracking live song.