1. Thanks for checking. I'm kinda surprised that a relatively recent TV show performance isn't available, but this one seems to be impossible to find.
  2. Originally posted by guam:THIS is a L O N G shot...does any1
    have the ultra rare show of U2 when they
    were in Hawaii in 1983?


    Do you have a date? Dates are a lot easier to search !

    I have found nothing for the 1983-11-16 show . I havent found any proof of existence of a recording.
  3. Hello,

    My name's Andrew and I'm a longtime U2-fan from Poland. Collecting and listening U2 bootlegs is my great hobby! There is one bootleg that i've been looking for years - it's first POPMART rehearsal from Las Vegas, Nevada (BELOW YOU HAVE DESCRIPTION OF IT FROM ACHTUNGBOOTLEGS.COM)

    Las Vegas Rehearsals 1

    April 22, 1997
    Las Vegas, NV
    Tour: PopMart - 1st leg
    Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium

    Source: unknown gen > cdr

    Disc 1:
    1. Miami => Bullet The Blue Sky
    2. Please
    3. Please => Where The Streets Have No Name
    4. If God Will Send His Angels
    5. Staring At The Sun
    6. Staring At The Sun
    7. Staring At The Sun
    8. Staring At The Sun
    9. Miami=> Bullet The Blue Sky
    10. Mofo
    11. Gone

    Disc 2:
    1. Bullet The Blue Sky
    2. Please
    3. Mofo
    4. I Will Follow
    5. Mofo
    6. I Will Follow
    7. Even Better Than The Real Thing
    8. Do You Feel Loved
    9. Last Night On Earth
    10. Gone
    11. Until The End Of The World => If God Will Send His Angels

    Could anyone of You can help me to find this bootleg? I love soundcheck/rehearsals recordings and early Popmart shows...i have Las Vegas rehearsals from other dates but i miss this cd's in my collection. Please help me!

    Thank You in advance

  4. I have found lots of compilations. But not the one you are searching for. I will check later when more people are online on the network.

    I did find the 1997-04-24 soundcheck though

    April 24, 1997
    Sam Boyd Stadium
    Las Vegas Nevada
    Popmart Tour Rehearsals

    Taper: Unknown

    Source: First Generation Cassette -> Line-In Tape to Wav Conversion with Sound Forge 5.0 -> mkwACT (0.97beta) -> SHN


    ****START CD 1*****

    -----Tape 1 Side 1:
    01. Discotheque Warm Up
    02. Discotheque
    03. If You Wear That Velvet Dress (w/ direct seque into
    04. With Or Without You (w/ different lyrics and much slower tempo)
    05. Staring at the Sun (False start)
    06. Staring at the Sun (Restart - Partial and then fade out)
    07. Do You Feel Loved (Fade in from start)
    08. Pride (Honking in approval)
    09. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Honking in approval)
    10. Popmart Sound Tests
    11. Last Night On Earth (Honking in approval)
    12. Gone (Partial and fade out at end of side 1)
    -----Tape 1 Side 2:
    13. Until the End of the World (Faint vocals w/ direct seque into
    14. If God Will Send His Angels (Attempt aborted)
    15. If God Will Send his Angels (Retry)
    16. Staring at the Sun
    17. Daydream Believer
    18. Miami
    19. Bullet the Blue Sky (w/ Thank You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin and "So Alone")
    20. Car Starts
    21. Please (w/Sunday Bloody Sunday drums and guitar at end)
    *****END CD 1*****

    *****START CD 2*****

    01. Where the Streets Have No Name (Intro only and fade out as side 2 ends)
    -----Tape 2 Side 1:
    02. Mofo (Fade in - cut beginning)
    03. I Will Follow (w/ skat lyrics improvised by Bono)
    04. Even Better Than the Real Thing
    05. Do You Feel Loved (w/ different intro)
    06. Popmart Sounds
    07. Last Night On Earth
    08. Gone (w/ alternate lyrics)
    09. Until the End of the World (w/ direct seque into
    10. If God Will Send His Angels
    11. Staring at the Sun (False start)
    12. Staring at the Sun (Retry)
    13. Miami
    14. Bullet the Blue Sky (Intro only and fade out as side 1 ends)
    -----Tape 2 Side 2:
    15. Please w/ Sunday Bloody Sunday drums and guitar intro
    16. Discotheque
    17. Discotheque (Cut beginning)
    18. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
    19. If You Wear That Velvet Dress (Retry)
    20. Discotheque Warm Up
    21. Discotheque
    22. If You Wear That Velvet Dress (False Start)
    23. If You Wear That Velvet Dress (Retry w/ direct seque into
    24. With or Without You (w/ slower tempo and cut ending as side 2 ends)

    *****END CD 2******

    Notes from me about editing: I used Cool Edit Pro to reduce tape hiss and manually track split from cassette wav copy. The fades as noted in the track listing were not on the original cassette, they were abrupt starts and stops with the recorder.
    I also removed some portions of silence (or background noise without performance), as well as a take of If You Wear That Velvet Dress that was so drowned out through most of the performance by wind, that it wasn't worth keeping.
    This worked out in the end however, as the two CDs clock in at just under 160 mins (CD 1 is 79:13 and CD 2 is 79:23).

    Notes from me about performance: Some of these tracks are really great versions, especially Discotheque and With or Without You.
    It's interesting to hear some of the ideas that U2 were thinking about while rehearsing. Some really good stuff, well worth the listen.

    Notes from me about sound quality: For being outside the stadium with all the wind and all the cars and all the people, this tape came out exceptionally well.
    There are times when the wind partially overtakes the music, but it's only occasionally, and doesn't significantly detract from an enjoyable listen. The background noise from people talking and cars going by can only really be heard during lulls in the rehearsals.
    I would say it's comparable to the Hersey Tapes in terms of sound quality.

  5. Oh thank You for quick reply - i also have this one - i will wait, maybe someone of us had rehearsals from 22nd in his/hers collection...
  6. Hi.

    I'm looking for "Wide awake in Dublin" documentary. I found it on youtube, but sound is out of synch. It's a great documentary from that 1985 tour period.

    Thanks in advance!
  7. When U2 3 nights live was done in March I was wondering did anyone record the first 2 nights,as all I have ever see is the 3rd night fron the Sommerville theater.
    I hope someone can help.
  8. JCVertigo06, i will have a look. The Wide Awake documentary seems quite popular.

    Originally posted by u2lemonman:When U2 3 nights live was done in March I was wondering did anyone record the first 2 nights,as all I have ever see is the 3rd night fron the Sommerville theater.
    I hope someone can help.

    I thought there was nothing interesting during the first 2 nights. (No live stuff, no interviews) But i might be wrong about this. Anyway I haven't seen anything circulating of the first 2 nights.
  9. I thought the 1st night was a look at the new album with Shirly Manson and the 2nd night u2 were the guest DJ`s.
    I would like to get hold of these if possible for my collection.