1. I only got it on vhs 3rd copy from master...
  2. I think the cover is all you need. I just imagine Bono, standing still in that muscle man shirt, singing every single song. The video quality in my head is much better than what a 3rd gen copy would be.
  3. At the time i bought about 20 shows from popmart recorded with DV handycam to the person which was at some US and europe shows. 20 1st copies.
    Thats all i need
  4. Howdy..back in the day I had the ALD recording of 5/15/2001 from Chicago. I lost the first disc years ago and am still looking for someone who has this recording, as it's one of my favorites. Any and all help would be immensely appreciated, and happy new year to all!!
  5. I fulfilled your request. You can download it from the show page / audio tab

    PS: I also added the excellent tapeworm(48) audience source
  6. Ahhh, a goddess among admins!!! Many thanks
  7. flac's only rule in effect for those?
  8. I don't see why it shouldn't.

    1) The info file clearly states "no mp3's"

    2) It's easy to make your own mp3's from the flac's that are shared now on U2Start (I've converted the - lossless - SHN files into flacs and renamed files to title only for everyone's convenience).