1. Hello,

    I want to know if it exists somewhere and if it exists, if someone can upload it.

  2. There exist a record called 'The unforgettable fire outtakes' which has a instrumental version of Pride, unreleased tracks, alternative versions of Wire and Love comes tumbling... I don't think all of them are outtakes, but rather rehearsals in studio. Gonna look for it and try and upload it (rapidshare ain't so rapid for my PC these days).
  3. Ok, that would be cool, thanks! I like Unforgettable Fire-era stuff

    Edit: You can try to upload it on moreupload.com, it's free and fast
  4. Hey, Edge123, here you go:


    And here's a brief description for it:

    01.- Pride demo. The band plays the basic structure of the song straight, no changes, no pauses.
    02.- Wire demo. This a version closer to the live one. The last verses were not sung yet.
    03.- Untitled song 1. An free jam between Adam and Edge. Very intereswting since you can hear shape of future songs like Deep in the Heart and Bullet the blue sky.
    04.- The unforgettable fire demo. Incredible version with no orchestra. Instead of that, Edge plays weird riffs, wah-wah style.
    05.- Love comes tumbling .- Same music but totally different verses.
    06.- Unreleased song 2.- Another Adam-Edge jamming. Clayton tries non U2 bass lines... in my personal view, he sounds a little like Pink Floyd... at the end, Edge plays the riff for A sort of homecoming and then gone. Track fades out abruptely.
    07.- Wire Dubmix.- This is a remix for wire which extends a little the timing... you'll hear by yourself.

    Hipe you like it.
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  8. thanks mate, i didn't have the untitles ones

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