1. From U2wanderer:
    Promo singles have already started showing up for the next single off of "No Line on the Horizon" and that song is "Magnificent". Expect an April physical release for the single. [AJ]

    This thread is to discuss the single choice, not the song itself, therefore we have another thread.

    What to think about it? Better than GOYB? Will this have influence on album sales? Will they make a radio edit? Any video ideas?
  2. I think they will edit the intro a bit. Although I hope they will do a slightly different mix like Original Of The Species. Overall it's a good choice for the 2nd single.
  3. I think it will do very well draw some more people to new Album. Its a very strong song as we all know.
  4. Yep very good choice !
    Bring out Breathe for the 3rd i'd say
  5. For the video, I would suggest a sort of follow-up to the Pride video: return to the same castle and do just a plain performance of magnificent there would be brilliant!

    Excuse me for now, I have to go and make a bid on ebay......
  6. I see pulsating lights...Mirrorballs and Bono in a ridiculous outfit

    At least i hope so although it would look a lot like Discotheque videoclip
  7. Intro kicking in with a car moving very fast thru the city would be cool and the car ends up at
    a place that looks Magnificent. Cheesy but good.
  8. The band in drag from the One video, rollerskating under a mirrorball.

    Oh wait, that already exists in my head.
  9. Weak song. Likely to be a good single release though. NLOTH would be better.
  10. Not my favourite from the album (though perhaps one of them), but makes total sense as a single as long as they can somehow hack a whole minute off the 5 minute running time for radio without ruining the track altogether. The song ticks all the boxes anthem-wise and probably would have given the album sales a much bigger boost had it been chosen as first single instead of the clumsy Get On Your Boots. That said, the box-ticking aspects could work against it if the general public are down on U2 after Boots and there could be a bit of a "heard it all before" response to Magnificent. So it could go either way. We'll see I guess.

    Some good b-sides/stonking remixes would help, as incentive was pretty small to buy the last single with the album so close to release.
  11. good choice for second single even if i imagined this sequence after GOYB
    Breathe - Moments of surrender - Magnificent
    anyway it's strong enough to capture the masses. i guess it will different intro cause i think it's very good for different re-editing.
    i see the video with lot of brightness, glitterings, lights, glamour and "magnificent" everywhere .. all in MacPhisto style .. by the way what about his coming back?!?
    other hypothesis could be psychedelic, hippies, 60-70's stuff
    ciao a tutti