1. My favorite version of that show is Twilight. I think it was even more powerful than what it became.
  2. And you're right Shadows And Tall Trees is a jewel. They should have keep it as a rocker!
  3. I loved that version of Shadows and Tall Trees. Love the echo in it!
  4. Two books about U2 (not necessarily by U2).

    I have "Get Up Off Your Knees" and "One Step Closer."
  5. Of Course U2 by U2.

    Also nice read a Concert Documentary by Pimm Jal de La Parra.
  6. Not posted here for ages but thought I'd add to this:

    On my shelf I see:

    Bono on Bono
    U2 by U2
    U2 Show
    From The Ground Up
    U2 Faraway So Close
    Stealing Hearts From A Travelling Show - The Graphic Design of U2

    I've also got U2: Three Chords and the Truth, Unforgettable Fire, U2 Live - A Concert Documentary and maybe one or two others.

    Tour programmes for The Unforgettable Fire Tour, The Joshua Tree Tour, Zooropa 93 and onwards.

    Anyone else got Stealing Hearts From A Travelling Show - The Graphic Design of U2?

    I got the hardback but the stitching wasn't great and some pages have gone a bit loose. An interesting read if you happen to like U2 and design.
  7. i have bono on bono
    u2 a diary

    u2 by u2

    u2 propaganda

    u2 from the ground up

    u2 at the end of the world

    u2 stories or boys

    u2 three chords and the truth

    u2 burning desire
  8. U2 by U2
    U2 Show
    The Road to Pop
    U2: The Stories Behind Every U2 Song
    One Step Closer: Why U2 Matters to Those Seeking God
    I'm a Fan: How I Married U2 In My Life Without Going To The Altar (This book was actually given to me by the author himself. Eric Shivers gave me his book and chatted up with me while I was waiting in line for this tour. I was like the only person he gave the book to so it was kind of cool!)
    North Side Story
    Bono: In The Name of Love
  9. I only have one, U2 by U2, I got it for my birthday this year. I try to read a couple of pages before bed each night, but it's a heavy motha!

    I want to get At The End Of The World and Bono on Bono.
  10. U2 by U2
    U2 Show
    From the ground up
    North side story
    U2 Best of Propaganda: 20 years of the official U2 magazine
    U2 At the end of the world (Bill Flanagan)
    U2 - The stories behind the songs (Nial Stokes)
    Walk on - A jornada espiritual do U2 (Steve Stockman)
    U2 a biografia
    U2 - Histórias e canções comentadas
  11. u2 by u2...if i can find my copy...
  12. At the End of the World
    Early Days
    From the Ground Up
    Me and U2 (2011 edition)
    North Side Story
    POPmart 1997 Tour Programme
    Rattle and Hum
    Stories Behind Ever Song
    Three Chords and the Truth
    Touch the Flame
    Unforgettable Fire
    U2 By U2
    Walk On