1. it is a beautiful recording. he deserves to be in the best concert to own.
    thanks a lot for the new link ... Many thanks
  2. Great, boss
  3. Johan, thanks a million for the fresh links, much appreciated
  4. Got to download this now

  5. whoopsie

    just found out somewhere in the process the channels were swapped. i didn't realize it before, sorry for that. (it isn't extremely annoying as edge's guitar isn't really panned hard left in the mix so you won't hear him hard right now, but it just isn't right, my mistake.) stereo image & phasing problems were difficult to handle, i experimented a lot and apparantly lost track somewhere.

    it's only worth mentioning for those who like to listen with headphones, otherwise you won't notice it anyway.

    i'll pick it up again some day and re-up. sorry if that's inconvenient, but i'm pretty human so i make mistakes :wink:

    still like the overall sound a lot though, hope you enjoy it too.
  6. Is this the same version thats on the page for this show?
  7. excellent contribution, no doubt these concerts were special, the best of the tour
    thanks for posting it
  8. whats happened to the mp3 link?? file no longer exists
  9. Thank you
  10. One of my all time favorites, lots of great memories to this bootleg.

    Thank you.
  11. Awesome!

    Funny, because I was going to come on here & ask if there was a different source for this show since I find the announcer's commentary on every song to be very obnoxious...
  12. How does this remaster sit in with the available Mp3s here on U2start?

    asking because the 2019 transfer sounds pretty good, but there are some hickups as well (during Zoo Station i.e.) and the tracks do not segue into each other that nicely