is ti possible to upload again by wetransfer.com please ?
  2. Originally posted by RememberEveryMoment:How does this remaster sit in with the available Mp3s here on U2start?

    asking because the 2019 transfer sounds pretty good, but there are some hickups as well (during Zoo Station i.e.) and the tracks do not segue into each other that nicely
    It seems we never got to add it to the shows section I don't know if @noiseless still has it, he hasn't visited the site for quite some time so let's see.
  3. haha this was probably before you became a moderator Sergio
  4. Haha, nope Noiseless shared this in 2010 and I became a mod in 2007. I wish the moderator bundle included a time machine though!
  5. Any news on this one? Can't find it elsewhere, so... @noiseless ;-)
  6. Hi all! Actually I don't really remember this show, and for sure I haven't listened to it for many many years. So, I'm not completely convinced it sounds as good as I thought eleven years ago Anyway, my vaults are a complete mess, but I will try and see if I can dig it up somewhere. It might take a few days
  7. No worries, and no hurries Thanks Johan!
  8. Thanks, no rush!
  9. Anyone else?
  10. I have that recording. Can I upload it here?


    U2 - 2006-03-02 - Buenos Aires (FLAC - BROAD - noiseless remaster)
    Venue: Estadio Monumental de Nuñes
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Excellent quality

    Kindly shared on U2start by noiseless himself (we are just trying to spread the master's voice)

    Noiseless notes:
    "Here's a nice upgrade of the well-famous Buenos Aires 2006 boot. I don't believe I've ever gone to this amount of trouble to get it right but I believe it paid off. Boy oh boy this was a mean twisted fuck-up of a bootleg (weirdest phase issues I've ever seen and screwed up low end).
    This is a lossy show as it was ac3 sourced. I will share it in flac anyway tonight because in the remastering process some high frequency harmonics were gained - I'm a big fan of the Steinberg Spectralizer. Besides encoding ac3 > wav > mp3 is re-encoding of lossy files; we all know that's not a brilliant idea in general don't we.
    That being said, for now here's the mp3 version for the iPod lovers, around midnight I'll share the flac version - I'm in a hurry and can't upload it right now.
    Usually I provide artwork with the music but I'm too busy right now, I might create some in the future.
    Hope you'll enjoy. I do. By the way, for those who might care, lineage is as follows". (noiseless - 2009-07-19)

    Lineage: AC3 (from the Telefe DVD, the common one everyone has) > Wav > Phase correction > Sonic BBE > Waves MaxxBass > Steinberg Spectralizer > Har-Bal EQ > Waves C4 (vocal range only), S1, L3 > CD Wave > TLH > Flac (6)

    Total RUnning Time: 02:05'57"

    Disc 01 [01:03'48"]
    01. City Of Blinding Lights [6:19]
    02. Vertigo [4:16]
    03. Elevation [4:32]
    04. Until The End Of The World [4:42]
    05. New Year's Day[5:29]
    06. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [5:06]
    07. Beautiful Day [5:28]
    08. The First Time [4:13]
    09. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own [5:09]
    10. Love And Peace Or Else [5:07]
    11. Sunday Bloody Sunday [8:00]
    12. Bullet The Blue Sky [5:27]

    Disc 02 [01:02'09"]
    13. Miss Sarajevo [5:59]
    14. Pride (In The Name Of Love) [4:28]
    15. Where The Streets Have No Name [5:59]
    16. One (Intro) [2:21]
    17. One [5:51]
    18. Encore Break [1:17]
    19. Zoo Station [4:28]
    20. The Fly [5:22]
    21. Mysterious Ways [5:37]
    22. With Or Without You [6:23]
    23. Mothers Of The Disappeared [3:02]
    24. Original Of The Species [4:34]
    25. All I Want Is You [6:48]