1. Great editing job, too. These songs weren't played in their "proper" order during this show but whoever made this did a fantastic job with the transitions between the songs.

  2. Same here. I seen them open for Alanis Morisette back in 1996 at Darian Lake and then on the OK Computer Tour in Ottawa in 1997.
  3. £82.50 for standing, £71.50 seats for Manchester on the 4th July. I'll pass this time.
  4. Who knows if there will be a next time? Go!
  5. Originally posted by RUMMY:[..]
    Are you going after the big box?

    I think I'll simply go for the 2CD edition (possibly the very last CD's I'll ever purchase). Fortunately, I didn't go for the reissue back in 2008 so all I have is the original OKC I purchased 20 years ago (as well as the PA and KP singles and How Am I Driving?).

    I can't say enough how cool it is that Lift and Big Boots (Man-o-War) are on this. Admittedly, I was never a big fan of I Promise but maybe the rework will sound better.
    I'll just go for the 2 CD edition. Same as JT

  6. wow.
    just WOW.
  7. I wish these guys would officially release their shows. Nice variety and always performed flawlessly. They are indeed true pros.

    Fortunately, we should be getting some great audio this weekend for the Glastonbury show. I can't wait to get my hands/ears on that one.
  8. Awesome OKNOTOK 24bits 96khz release today!
    Glastonbury tonight
  9. Glasto has exploded.