1. Saw them for the first time in Sheffield last week, and will repeat the experience in Manchester next month. Great performance, and - I think - great songs. I wasn't impressed at first, but The Seldom Seen Kid really is a grower. Anyone else?
  2. I love them, and I agree they were great at Sheffield.

    I bought their other three albums yesterday (God bless HMV 2 for 10 ) and I think they're the best band, apart from Muse, that are opening on this tour.
  3. Great band,I recomend to everybody to buy all 4 albums.You won't be disappointed.
  4. Saw them support both times on this tour at Wembley I and Sheffield, and have to say I was very impressed - great musicianship, great music, and Guy Garvey is a very competent frontman. I've got Asleep In The Back and The Seldom Seen Kid albums, the latter being one I've listened more to but my impressions of both are very positive. Very different music to what I've listened to in the past, but I'd personally recommend it. Would love to see them again at a show of their own with a longer set
  5. I saw them open for Coldplay earlier this month. They weren't very memorable.

  6. Coldplay?

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

  7. I saw them open for coldplay as well....they picked a terrible song to start off with, kinda lulled the crowd to sleep and put most people off....i suppose u as well Nick. However once they got into some of the better material from Seldom Seen Kid (Grounds For Divorce) I was interested.

    They're kind of goofy, but i do like them
  8. BUMP.

    man, i love this band. their new album is brilliant, and they're a great bunch of guys too.
  9. They're great! Going to see them at Pinkpop (:

    Only listened to Seldom Seen Kid though,
  10. I've been listening to Elbow nonstop for the las 5 days hehe. I really like them.
    One of their songs (One Day Like These) was played before the 1st show in La Plata.
  11. Just discovered this band. Great stuff.
  12. Gotta love this. The Belgian radio station Studio Brussel will broadcast a video stream of a small live gig for contest winners tonight, starting at 21.00 local time (20.00 GMT). Don't know if the stream is accessible in every country.
    Tune in here .