1. more than I paid for any of my U2 tickets last year. At least I only have to buy 1 ticket. If i was going id at least be hoping one of her bollocks slipped out or something. Btw she overtook U2 on the Forbes celebrity power list. Grossed more than 30 million dollars more than U2 last year.
  2. It will be worth it for Lady G, she is world class, trust me, Your GF will love it
  3. Dont like her, but she is original. So she deserves it more than others.
  4. Saw Taylor Swift last night, amazing, superb, spectacular
  5. This is insane: Taylor Swift fans doxxed a music critic only because she gave a 8.0 to Taylor's latest album. It was a very positive review in Pitchfork ffs!
    Fans tweeted the address and personal phone number of the critic, photos of her house, threatened to burn her house, etc.
    This is the epitome of entitled fans, and here I thought the U2 community liked drama.
  6. Also, I deeply apologize for reviving a thread about Taylor Swift.
  7. You should apologise for reviving a thread in which a lot of vermin posted.

    I think U2 fans are more likely to do this sort of this to each other for breaking the rules of the queue.
  8. Always remember how "Swifties" were completely out of their minds when new Tool album topped the charts leaving Swift album behind... that was priceless