1. Apparently so
  2. This opens up a whole new discussion on the massive concessions U2 are going to have to make with their setlist. Can only imagine they'll be given enough time to only play 2/3 of their set, unless organisers make some allowances.
  3. Ok so this pretty is a must-be gig... how expensive will it be?
  4. Shocked by this

  5. A lot... Specially if we take that it is ALREADY sold out. Yes. One month ago...

  6. Didnt saw it coming? I expected it actually. Earlier this year Bono said they really wanted to do Glastonbury... although it's Bono...

  7. Lol that is crap. Announcing the acts AFTER the ticket sale? Thats crappy
  8. Good luck with tickets
  9. Well, Glastonbury is the most famous festival in the world, and the acts are always great (Bruce Springsteen, Robbie WIlliams, etc), that's why it was sold-out a month before the headline was announced...

    Imagine how much will a ticket cost now... Scalpers, here we all gooooo