1. Originally posted by Remy:Every month we put an U2 fan in the spotlights, the fan of the month December 2009 is user MacStripey. This German U2 freak is our last fan of the month this year so it must be something special. Read along!


    Thanks for this interview MacStripey!

    Note: Our crew members randomly pick fans of the month, you can't sign up for it.

    very cool interview.
  2. Fantastic stuff Kirsten, brilliant
  3. That just made my afternoon Kirsten! You sound like you love your job as much as you love our four Irish boys. Great read all around
  4. She's just as polite and interesting in the flesh, congrats MacStripey!
  5. maybe u found out about u2start by a question on livejournal ?
  6. great great interview

  7. that might very well be the case I can't remember, but the chances are good

    ...and you're a true gentleman, Cal honestly, I'm so glad I was wearing my u2start shirt that day so you recognized me by it and we got to know each other. It was a pleasure talking to you in real life, my friend, and I hope it wasn't the last time

    again,heart-felt thanks to everyone who replied on my words here, you've made this "fan of the month" experience a true highlight for me. Thank you, friends
  8. I have to write this in her very own topic, there was no General Chat or any other topic that suited it. This is Kirsten's own topic and it was deserved.


    As read in the Zurich topic, I'm banned from U2Torrents with no other aparent reason than being part of U2start's crew. Therefore, I can't download or upload anything there. A few weeks ago, the multicam DVD from the Zurich show surfaced and everyone was raving about it... I was pretty upset because my ban at U2T avoided me donwloading that DVD. Then, Kirsten offered herself to burn it onto a DVD and send it to me. I reluctantely agreed, offering her to pay the shipping costs, sending a blank or whatever: she didn't let me. "I'll do that for you!", she said.

    And today evening I've arrived home after a tough, long day and... surprise, a few parcels had arrived. Two eBay articles I bought last week and a big carton box...
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    And yes, there it was: a handwritten letter, signed by Kirsten F. and a bunch of DVDs. Not the Zurich DVD we agreed: a fucking bunch of DVDs!!! Nine in total. For free. Just because she wanted to make a small favour to me.

    I'm frankly speechless, in all seriousness. I don't even know Kirsten in person (yet!!!!!!!! ) and nevertheless I can swear that she's an awesome person.

    Thanks a million, Kirsten, for your friendship and for your infinite kindness. And I want everyone here to know: Kirsten F. rules
  9. Oh, and by the way: I'm just about to enter the January-February exams age and therefore I don't want to spend a lot of time doing other things apart of studying or sleeping, but I've played the Zurich DVD for a few minutes, obviously went directly to chapter 23 (Streets!!!!!!!) and I will review it in one acronym: OMFG.
  10. The world needs more people like Kirsten
  11. oh geez, I saw this topic brought up again after a zillion years and for a second I thought it would contain the infamous "member banned from u2start forums for a number of reasons" message but no such thing - relief

    glad the package arrived safely at your place, Sergio. And don't make me blush by your comment, I'm just sharing the love that is U2 so..... enjoy. (Streets from Zurich Ii is definitely one of the best things ever put on dvd this tour.... like Gerard said, see the people dancing in the rain wait, one them was me ) watch that every once in a while. But now.... no more of this, it's what friends do off you go to study for your exams... you know I expect a certain award in your hands in a couple of years time