1. Those people dancing so happily under that brutal rain made my hairs stand up yesterday. One can see true U2 love coming from that images.

    Thanks again and again, I still can't decide which bootleg I'll play first when I finish my exams ...
  2. I never knew you were FOTM!
    But then again, how could you NOT have been
    That story about the 360° Dublin shows...
  3. Thanks for the bump!
    This one is quintessential U2start reading ofcourse!

    Do you think we'll actually see Songs of Ascent in 2010?
  4. It really is
    Yeah, so naive
  5. Yeah, FOTM interviews are funny to read after such a long time because we sometimes ask these very particular questions related to release deadlines or something happening in that particular moment in the U2 camp. These interviews help to put things in perspective
  6. So, 11 years later still no SOA 😂 (but yes, we did get SOI and SOE)