1. it's possibly harder to assimilate it than that fucking april 1994, perhaps because it's been absolutely unexpected .. don't know
  2. Still in shock since I read this yesterday morning . Always a fan , but my wife loved Chris's voice and Soundgarden and took this news hard ...

    Such an amazing talent....a terrible tragic loss .

    I played Seasons yesterday nonstop .
  3. I think the thing that gets me the most about this one is that I am reminded how naive I really am about a lot of stuff - especially about growing older. I'll try to explain:

    I guess we kinda saw a relatively-young Kurt Cobain's suicide coming back in 1994. Sadly, he was a train wreck and, whether he meant it or not, was so in front of the public eye. However, I've always assumed if you can get passed those rough patches during your youth, you'll be okay. Maybe we are told to believe this?

    But Cornell was 52. He was older. He was wiser. He had "experience" under his belt. He had a family to hold on to. I guess I (wrongly) assumed that people get over the "demons" that affected them when they are younger as we all learn to cope as we get older.

    Well, I am afraid that I've finally learned that this isn't the case - which sometimes scares the shit out of me.
  4. I'd seen him before with Audioslave, the Chris Cornell onstage in Deroit was not the Chris Cornell I remember.
  5. I'm downloading the greatest hits soundgarden ,want to check it out.