1. Here's my latest single/music video "Blank Space". A song that talks about the effects of alcohol abuse, specifically memory gaps.
    From my recent album "Stars Aligning"

  2. Here's another music video I've just put out - "The Girl Who Travelled The World". Song is light rock/catchy stuff. My genre sometimes resembles later U2.
  3. Pretty sure there's a ridiculous trail of breadcrumbs in this thread down the years where I've said some nonsense about trying to write an EP, but fear not I'm still trying dammit inching ever closer to scraping together enough demos to develop something vaguely cohesive:

    There's also a standalone track on the page which I've toyed with including as part of the whole main set but not sure it fits.

    Still trying to work up a couple more so I've got at least 10 I'm happy with and can start doing something more focused with, but this is the latest WIP if anyone fancies an earbleed or two.