1. Originally posted by LikeASong:The singer looked like he had snorted a big amount of cocaine - he has doing strange faces and gestures, and looked pretty skizophrenial

    He always looks like that.

    Editors are a pretty good band. Definately the perfect support band. New album wasn't that good though but the others were good
  2. Editors are pretty cool. Remind me a bit of The National and Interpol.

    Latest Editors album has a U2 connection as it was produced by one Mark Ellis aka: Flood
  3. I bet they could do a really great cover off any Joy Division song.I think they should cover the song Transmission.
  4. Is there anyone out here who perhaps has some good quality bootlegs from Editors and is willing to share them please ? Or someone knows where i can find links or anything ?

    I'd like to put a good one on a cd as a birthday present for a friend you see
    (Especially Werchter or an acoustic session (StuBru / MTV) would be very great)

    Yes, I've been looking through the 'Other artists bootlegs' topic and found 4 gigs, but unfortunately they're al 2-3 stars so i'm afraid it wouldn't sound that good through your speakers when the volume is turned up a bit loud.

    Thanks in advance!
  5. What do you think about this collaboration......???

    Tom Smith (Editors) & Andy Burrows (Razorlight) - Funny Looking Angels CD

  6. Thank you very much

    @spooner, I like all those tracks very much. The first one sounds absolutely like The Beatles, the other two are a bit more Editors-oriented (I love the Wonderful Life original, and I loved the cover as well)... Interesting. Hoping to hear more from them.
  7. Wow, it's pretty much amazing...

  8. Really great song
  9. U2-sound. I like it