1. launch date's 2020

  2. impressive work compared to january videos!
  3. yes, but in the last month they built a 32% banked oval-style for the last corner.

    For Monza i can host you
  4. Monza is very cheap.. at least GA.. on Friday you can just use the stands, on Saturday and Sunday your options are more limited, but still a great experience.. you can even do a pitwalk on thursday for free..
    and if you travel (the last part) by train parking and camping can be very cheap as well.
  5. I don't think F1 will make it to its 100th birthday. It will merge into Formula E at some point.
  6. hope not back to the v12 ore v10 like in the 80 and 90 but that is a dream, but i think you might be right E cars