1. The only thing more ridiculously addicted to money than FIA, is FIFa and the Olympic Committee. Especially when it comes to not cancelling events for the right reasons. Took the FIA long enough to cancel this. But at least they did.

  2. Dutch and Spanish grand prix postponed. Monaco cancelled

  3. rust in peace my friend, today he would be 60
  4. let's hope so
  5. RIP Stirling Moss

  6. for me still the greatest f1 driver all times , this day for 26 years i honor him,and stand still for a moment, R.I.P ayrton
  7. Either Ricciardo or Sainz gets the Ferrari drive. Vettel has been reported he’s been offered a contract by Renault and Mclaren. But I think the Mclaren drive is heavily underrated right now. They’re on the rise and will receive Mercedes Engines in 2022. Will be interesting to see how it plays out
  8. Seeing either Carlos or Daniel in red would be amazing! But Charles will be the number one, at least to start.

    McLaren being a customer whilst there is still a Mercedes works team will be difficult. The whole attitude toward customer teams has shifted. Renault, it seems to me has taken a harder stance towards customers now than in the past. And Red Bull are the Honda works team with Toro Rosso Alpha Tauri as another team to develop the engines.

    Man, I am looking forward to the first race. Testing seems like so long ago!