1. a black weekend in motor sport 14 year old kid died during a crash
  2. May he rest in peace
  3. I don't know what systems they have in place, but the guy who unfortunately crashed into the kid, was still going at racing speed, a good 4-5 seconds after the kid fell off. I'm sure there would've been yellow flags, but if they don't have yellow or caution displayed on their dash, now is the time to put them on. Because I felt like more warning to the drivers behind, prevents this crash.
  4. I saw it on the news. Horrible. May he rest in peace. And much strength to the kid who crashed into him. So sad
  5. Getting a bit embarrassing now..

  6. Fia decided no further action in the Verstappen - Hamilton incident. So let's hope they move on now. And the fans as well
  7. yeah let's hope
  8. a new engine for max but no grid penalty (phew)
  9. Good Ol' Valterri. I wonder what this weeks conspiracy theory will be..