1. and i hope team Williams is now out to dinner with Nicky include a contract
    more points in debuut race than latiffi in 15 races this year
  2. Originally posted by Zwervervriend:[..]
    You do know the safetycar rules for this year has changed because of Abu Dhabi last year, right? And some people are fired or 'promoted' to other functions within FIA because of last race 2021. F1 has clearly learned from it.

    Last year was wrong but it will never be undone. Isn't it time to move forward?

    What rules have been changed for this year other than "any" does in fact mean "all" (which we knew anyway)? Today just showed that the FIA do know their own rules, and they purposely decided to break them in Abu Dhabi. The race in Abu Dhabi should have officially finished how today's race did. They need to choose sporting integrity over entertainment.

  3. one min point belgium zandvoort where they gonna stay drive back home
  4. Back to the factories because of the summerbreak. They are not allowed to work for 14 days and all personnel have to be back home to spent time with their family/friends/whatever
  5. so i have to get only the 28 aug ask for a day off work and i did

  6. Finaly!!
  7. Got up early to see the red flag...
  8. Always fun!