1. hammersmith palais

    live at the old Palais, 6th December 82

    play list

    01 surrender
    02 i threw a brick
    03 a day without me
    04 an cat dubh
    05 into the heart
    06 sunday bloody sunday
    07 the cry
    08 i fall down
    09 october
    10 new years day
    11 i will follow
    12 gloria
    13 fire
    14 a celebration

    i don`t if it`s on u2start if so tell me if not i`ll post the link later

  2. One of my all-time favorites, such a great concert with an awesome bunch of performances, a fantastic sound... It was one of the first bootlegs (the second one I think) that I ever had. A silver CD that costed me 3.500 pesetas (30$ nowadays) in a weird shop. I lost it when we moved to my current house

    Lovely Hammersmith