1. Thank you very much for the Audio!
  2. Thank you so much this sounds so much better than on tour.
  3. Shine Like Stars = WIN!

  4. All thanks to harrykool who uploaded this. It seems his link has been lifted from one topic and been reposted in this topic.
  5. thanks for uploading this......
  6. Many many thanks to this, a great addition to my collection that, in 5 years, people may be saying...."where on earth did you get this?!"

    Aptly named:

    TRACK: With or Without You [2010]
    ARTIST: U2
    ALBUM: Gerry Ryan: 1957-2010
    YEAR: 2010

    edit; really love the studio mixing of Larry's drums after the "whoa, oh-oh-oh" part.
  7. Thanks thanks thanks!!!
  8. Downloading right this minute...thanks for posting!
  9. This is great. thanks!
  10. Well... The best performance of WOWY for a while, imo. Great!
  11. cheers for this now hopefully they do this snippet for the rest of the tour