1. Thanks Bob and Iris!
  2. Happy Birthday B-man. Is Edge over there to play you Party Girl?

    See you next summer.

  3. I hope so! He could teach him the lyrics

  4. In that case he could teach...Oh no off ironic mode.

    Hopefully we see him for many years to come, the old lad.
  5. Happy birthday Bono...See you at my birthday in Paris
  6. Been thinking about Bono all day!!!
    Telling people to play U2 because today was Bono's Birthday!! Haha!!

    Happy Birthday B!!! Luv Ya!!!
  7. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday, dear Bono
    Happy biiirthdaaay tooo youuuuuuu

  8. Best way to celebrate Bono's birthday? Spend all day listening to U2. Happy birthday B Man
  9. Happy birthday to Mr Bono!

    There was a question about Bono at a pub quiz I attended last night. How very fitting!
  10. Happy B day!!!
  11. Happy Birthday!!

    Thank you for the music