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    Stubbornness. I was too set in my ways, held too much affection for an iTunes library created in 2008. When Spotify arrived on the scene I was still using an iPod heavily and iTunes was still really the only way to manage things and it just stuck.

    But yeah, already I wonder why I didn’t cut the chains earlier. I was an iPhone user when Apple Music launched and I never took it up. I did use Spotify from time to time, to listen to something I didn’t have or maybe if there was something new I wanted to hear, but I was never relied upon it.
    I'm a pretty stubborn Apple user myself. However, I was not as impressed by the User Interface / Setup of Apple Music when compared to Spotify. Apple has really disappointed me of late as they don't seem to be doing anything innovative. The early 2000's were HUGE for them (Mac / iTunes / iPod...i.e. creating the whole MP3 player market) and now it's just like they're sitting on all this cash, and all I see is "hey, here's a new iPhone to replace your 6 month old one". Meanwhile Spotify came along and firmly established themselves as one of the first (if not THE first?) successful streaming service, Netflix dominated the video counterpart, Disney+ is gaining speed, and Amazon / Google are perfecting the Smart home.....okay so it's not about Spotify anymore But seriously, I agree with the above comment that the Discover Weekly is amazing. As for buying music; that's what vinyl is for
  2. I just started looking at spotify. It seems ok. I really like Google Play Music, but it's going away so I'm using this time to check out other services. Havent looked at Pandora yet. I may just stay with YouTube Music. I can upload my Bootlegs and also have access to video and audio from youtube. Every album I found not on the YTM streaming service has been on youtube so I havent missed anything.....