1. Every month we have a U2 show in the spotlights, the show of this month took place on 1992-03-17 - Boston, Massachusetts - Boston Garden. You can download this show, read reviews or write your own review on the show page here. In this thread you can discuss this show!

    1992-03-17 - Boston, Massachusetts - Boston Garden
    Zoo Station
    The Fly
    Even Better Than The Real Thing
    Mysterious Ways
    Until The End Of The World
    Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
    Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
    Angel Of Harlem
    Dirty Old Town
    Satellite Of Love
    Van Diemen's Land
    Bad / All I Want Is You (snippet)
    Bullet The Blue Sky
    Running To Stand Still / The Needle and the Damage Done (snippet)
    Where The Streets Have No Name
    Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

    Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
    With Or Without You
    Love Is Blindness

    Comments on this show:
    This is a pretty funny show, very listenable and.. well, U2 + St. Patrick's Day + ZooTV + Boston, that's always epic isn't it?

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    1992-03-17 - Boston, Massachusetts - Boston Garden
  2. Great show. The band spent the day with pub-hopping and everyone seems to be rat-arsed. Lots of funny moments.
  3. Definetely will need to listen to this one then!
  4. Listened to this awhile back- one of my favorite Zoo shows, easily my favorite of the first leg. The whole "party" atmosphere is just enhanced by it being St. Patty's Day, and what better city than Boston?
  5. Listening to it now, it's a hell of a fun show
  6. It's hard to tell if they're playing at a small 500-people club in Dublin or in a 12.000-people arena in the USA. That's the point.
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  8. An amazing night.I saw the band 10 times on ZooTV,and this show was the best that I attended.It was St.Pats Day,Boston (a very Irish city) and me and a friend scored tickets and drove up from NYC.The best part,Edge walking down the runway and playing Van Diemans Land solo.We had to run back to NY,as we were seeing the band the next night, in NJ on 03.18.92.Great show.Bostons a great city and I had a great 24 hrs there.A top 5 out of my shows.
  9. You're so lucky, EDDMB, 10 Zoo shows? That's insane And the St Patrick's one... well, I honestly envy you

  10. LOL.Thanks.I was a bit much back then.I also so the band 10 times on Joshua Tree in 1987.But they didnt come back (no Lovetown Tour) until 1992.The USA didnt get no love for the 1993 Zooropa Tour either. I would have seen the boys alot more.By the time they came back in 1997,I wasnt as into them after Pop came out.Oasis and Radiohead really took over for me(from 1994 -1999). I was glad they went back to basics in 2000.But,my days of seeing the band 10 times a year are long over.Im 44 and married with 4 kids. But Im traveling to Montreal for both shows next year,and have tickets to Philly and NY.So I guess 4 aint bad for 2011 right?? Peace
  11. Not bad AT ALL Congrats again!
  12. I can't believe I haven't got this one. Will definitely check it out.

    EDIT: I noticed it's only 3 stars. Is that a "good" 3 stars?