1. Let's say Very good to Great. I still prefer their first one, or even Neon Bible, over it... But I woulnd't say it's lame or bland at all

  2. Yeah, that can happen with people, and I can see why people would find that with The Suburbs.

    I think Funeral is their finest, followed by Neon Bible. However, basing off 'Reflektor', I think the new album might just be their best work.
  3. Agree even though we've only heard Reflektor it might be their Achtung, not that that means the other albums are weak or anything. IT'S GOING TO BE GLORIOUS. Whenever we get to the Bowie moments I just get GOOSEBUMPS
  4. Arcade Fire debuted more songs in a half hour special after SNL tonight. Special cameos by James Franco, Rainn Wilson, BONO (his parts funny), Ben Stiller, Michael Cera (SPEAKING SPANISH) and others haha GOOD MUSIC HERE COMES THE NIGHT TIME IS AMAZING.
  5. Can we see it anywhere?
  6. Nothing on YT yet.

    Bono? Seriously?
  7. Was always going to be tricky to play live. I'm sure theyl get on top of it. Get on Your Boots was dodgy first time out.
  8. I don't think it was that bad. Could it be better? Sure, and it will be.
  9. Pfiew that really was a terrible peformance

  10. Not comparable. I think that Arcade Fire are too obsessed with their "let's play everything on our own because we're 50 awesome musicians on stage" and they sometimes just can't make a song justice - this is the case. Either use some pre-recorded elements, or else don't perform the song. That was brutal.