1. Seconded! One of the best shows I've ever seen. The band was so close to the audience, multiple times in the crowd and the show ended with a reprise of Wake Up sung only with percussions while the band was walking around the GA for 15 minutes or so. Great crowd, everyone was very into it from minute one, they were singing along even to the new songs.
  2. Man I’m so excited to see them with none other than dylbagz!!! Last time he was in NYC we saw all 8 u2 shows at MSG during SOI tour.
  3. Originally posted by MoFoNYR15:Man I’m so excited to see them with none other than dylbagz!!! Last time he was in NYC we saw all 8 u2 shows at MSG during SOI tour.
    Oh wow That's gonna be something.
  4. Thanks
  5. Reports saying Beck is off the tour
  6. Originally posted by popmarter:[..]
    Aren't you the upstanding citizen, interesting the tour is continuing and nobody has been arrested or brought to court.

    That was a bit harsh? Everybody has their own opinion of these things. I find we get emotional and tend to believe whatever we are inclined to believe. No matter what case it is, unless you have video evidence, you never really know. A conviction in court with time in prison is usually enough, but even then, guilty people roam free, innocent people get locked up. We just have to make up our own minds what we will support or not.

    Several of my favorite entertainers or athletes have been accused of all sorts of things, and I did my own research and made up my own mind...and I may be right, and I may be wrong, but I stick with my decision. Whatever it is, it does not mean I am condoning whatever behavior may or may not have taken place.

    Bill Cosby: One of my favorite comedians, went to jail, and before he was convicted, I thought he was guilty

    OJ Simpson: One of my favorite football players, and someone I saw interviewing players for NBC at a game in Miami 6 months before he was arrested for murder. He was acquitted, and despite being somebody I was a huge fan of, I thought he was guilty, and would not support him.

    Kobe Bryant: I can't stand him, but he was accused of rape, and I thought he was innocent, even though I had a very strong opinion of not liking him at all

    Michael Jackson: Next to Prince, perhaps my favorite artist. U2 is my favorite band, and between him and U2, it's tough to say who I like better. I looked at all the big child abuse cases. The first allegation came from the father of someone who had asked MJ for money to finance a movie. After MJ did not want to invest, that's when the child abuse allegations happened. Second allegation: Made by the mother of a child with cancer, who had already won money suing another celebrity, and went out of her way to get her child alone with Michael Jackson. Now despite thinking MJ was innocent, leaving your child alone with someone who had child abuse allegations may not show much as far as decision making goes. The mother also was guilty of welfare fraud after winning the lawsuit money from the other celebrity. None of this proves MJ was innocent or guilty. I just believe he is innocent.

    Arcade Fire: I know little about them. Had their song not opened the Vertigo Tour concert opening, probably never would have. I bought the album, enjoyed it, but other than the Whoa Oh Whoa Oh song, I did not listen to the other songs more than 2-3 times. Of all the examples, I have no idea if I would go to their shows or not...I'm not a big enough fan, but I respect anyone's decision to either go or not go. I won't be critical of your decision.
  7. Boukman Eksperyans, the band from Haiti that opened the shows in Europe and is going to replace Beck in America, were absolutely outstanding. One of the highlights of the evening. I just wonder how many Beck fans bought the tickets just to see him live.