1. Ohhhhhhh thick . I've had a gel ! Ima mr bright side! Jealousy turning taken into the sea!

    Licit 43 ft! That delicious little an Mall ! Gimme moe!

    Ohhhb Africa! I bleddd the only aim done of Africa? Tuuune.

    See yo in the am U2stywy? About time I made a pear ice int e the way? Drinks have been flowing ?
  2. Hey.
  3. Did last night actually happen?
  4. zooming in
    zooming out
    Friday night says hello (hola!)
  5. Havent been drunk in a long time
  6. You definitely went through 16, 17, and 18 too? Crazy how time flies. You were always the baby of the forum.
  7. too much red wine (and not with ub40) yesterday night, i feel big hangover this morning
  8. big hangover = ?

    Wow you Italians are really different animals

  9. Look at the state of that. 115 mile cycle.